Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Been a While...


2010 has been a rough year. Don't get me wrong, I know how blessed I am and how "smooth" my "rough" may seem to some. Even so, I spent the first half of the year in a fug of pressure, physical/mental burnout, and mild depression.

BUT! This blog is not meant to be a pity party. It's about my writing.

And I'm happy to say that in May I passed my board exams and am now a fully-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology in Radiologic Physics. *big sigh of relief*

We got the new accelerator installed before then, in March. *big sigh of relief*

And I spent the summer cutting back on my tendency to over-obligation, resting, and doing things that made me happy (like taking up pottery--look for a link to my ceramics blog soon!).

All that has led me back here. I'm not done with Alec and Elspeth, oh no. I was about to send them out into the world but something was bugging me. Now I've taken long enough off to see what I need to do, which is a replot of the first 4 chapters. I have some ideas, and I think they'll make the book better received by most readers. They shouldn't take long, and I can't afford for them to. I've reentered the Golden Heart, and there's nothing like a deadline to get my BICHOK. *g*

Maybe third time will be a charm...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Start

Hey, I'm back (again--doesn't it seem I start a lot of my posts that way? Indicative, I guess...) and I'm actually posting this from the midst of the KYRW meeting on Social Media Marketing, led by our very own Maddie James. She's blogged on the topic, here:

Tweets, widgets and blogs, oh my!

Very informative. I'm at the point now where I'll be delving back into the world of all my social networks and online presence as I send my book out into the wide world to try to find a home.

Yes! The final draft is complete, the Golden Heart entry submitted, and queries will be going out this week if all goes well.

Meant to get to it a little sooner (though still after the holidays) but the truth is, I've been buried beneath a huge load of LIFE and am just now starting to clamber up on top of the pile. It doesn't help that my mild SAD has kicked in, making me extremely exhausted by the time we get the kids--yes, there are still 2--in bed and thus eliminating my primary computer time (10pm-midnight). But I have cleared my queue of other projects, AND my inbox (from 212 down to 30 last night!), and the book is Back On Top. That is, until the new accelerator goes in--early February--but you should know me and external deadlines by now...I have a narrow window to get the queries out before I get bogged again. So there's my motivation. *g*

Let the games begin!