Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Proof Google is Stalking Me (and probably you, too)

Move over, Big Brother.

Just now I was on researching the antecedents for one Hugh Sinclair: tacksman to Malcolm MacGregor, Chief of Clan Gregor and Laird of Glenstrae; effectively adopted brother and good friend to one Alec MacGregor; potential antagonist/almost betrothed/ultimately good friend of Elspeth Martin; and eventual heir (with Andi Duluth) to Book 3 - One Highland Somethingorother.

At any rate, toward the bottom of the page I found a GoogleAds box.  No biggie.  Only it was for Amazon, and the 3 books it highlighted were:

The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing
My Lord and Spymaster (Yay, Jo!  And it was this that caught my eye.  Check it out in the sidebar to the left!)
Keeping Kate by Sarah Gabriel

The freaky thing is: yeah, sure, Amazon knows I buy books on writing and that I've preordered Jo's book.  But I've only ordered one book by Sarah Gabriel recently and that was through, something neither Amazon nor Google should know about.  Hmmm?

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Joanna Bourne said...

There are computers Teh Guv'mint uses to asses the threat risks of people.

The computers match bitty scraps of information about the bloke ...
who lived four houses down the block when he was a kid,
who joined the same fraternity six years after he graduated,
the teller at his local bank

and comes up with what he ate for breakfast on Tuesday.

Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Weird connections.

You are the recipient of a weird Google connection.