Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My life was about to change...

...and I didn't even know it.

Haven't been by the blog in a while--obviously--for reasons that shall become clear.  But I dropped back by today, as work on the MS is picking back up in preparation for the Golden Heart, which I entered.  And I noticed the date on my last blog post.  August 13th, 2009.

Little did I know while I wrote that post that across town, in the hospital where I did my graduate work, a baby was being born.  A baby that, 4 days later on August 17th, would come home with my husband and me from said hospital to become our foster daughter.  To say that I've been a little busy since my last blog post would be...very accurate.  *g*

I can't say much about her for privacy reasons, but Baby Girl was born full-term and healthy at 7 pounds 12 ounces, 20.25" long.  Today at 2 months old she sleeps through the night(!)--most nights--smiles, coos, and wants very badly to learn how to laugh.  Little Boy has been better than I could even have hoped, such a doting big brother.  But still, life with 2 kids is exponentially busier than life with just 1, as many many parents can attest.  DH is back in school for his final year of Ph.D. coursework, and the day job continues to consume me, along with all the myriad other little commitments I have.  We finally have a date on the new accelerator--installation early 2010, just after the holidays.

And yet, the book remains a part of me, something I am still working on/thinking about in the odd moments I can catch for it.  I'm about to go full-steam in a big way for the Golden Heart, and for the query process, and hopefully for publication.

I know I keep saying stuff like that, but the important thing is that I haven't given up; I continue to work towards my dream.  I read a great quote today by Rick Warren:

"When you die, you wont regret your unfulfilled dreams...just your unattempted ones."

Here's to pressing on.  *g*


Precie said...

I picked a good day to try to catch up on my overloaded Google Reader.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a wonderful new adventure in your life! (and good luck with the Golden Heart!)

Cindy said...

Wow, Jenny! That's really big, really great news! Congratulations.