Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mini-marathon, day 2

Decent progress tonight. Almost 700 new words, all in chapter 2. Probably could have been more, but DH was catching up on his DVR'd back episodes of Rome and I - despite my best intentions - got sucked in for a while. Tomorrow I'll finish up chapter 2 (hopefully) and move on to 3.

Evil Editor posted my clip: I'm Dialogue K. He caught a slight POV slip, and was slightly annoyed that I don't know Doug's last name yet and so refer to him as "[lastname]" thougout the scene, but he did say I had good dialogue. So woo for that.

All in all, a productive day. Did the laundry...and put it all away. *gasp!* Cleaned out my fishtank, went out to eat with FIL, played with Baby Boy, and got some decent writing done. I'm pleased. Still trying to adapt to my new, much shorter haircut (circa Friday) though.

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