Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This week, it is not going as planned.  I had starry-eyed visions of 2K nights, leading up to me finished (or nearly so) with the SFD this weekend.

Despite staying up till 1-2 am every night so far, juiced up on soda and caffeine pills, my wordcounts have been half to as little as a tenth of my projected targets.

But!  I am at least getting wordage.  Consistent wordage, writing-every-night wordage.  This is something I haven't managed to accomplish in over two months, so I consider it progress.

So I won't be done in November, but next week the majority of my other irons will be removed from the fire: Heroes and DwTS have run this-season's course, so no more TV nights breaking up my momentum.  And my external projects are mostly completed.  Now there's just the little matter of Christmas...


Precie said...

YAY for progress!!! But get some sleep too, woman! Golly gee, you're going to drive yourself into the ground at that pace.

But...I see the appeal, and it's probably best to exploit your momentum as much as possible...the creative muse can be temperamental. Sigh.

Good luck!!!

Precie said...
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Deniz Bevan said...

hah! so much for progress! I actually had a run through the WiP tonight, and though I added short snips here and there, I tightened so many other bits that I lost out on the total word count! Waaa!

CresceNet said...
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