Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breaking the Silence

I do still exist!  But I'm practically offline this week (I haven't checked my e-mail in 48 hours, if you can believe it of me) as I am taking a weeklong course to become a car seat "tech" - the official term is Child Passenger Safety Technician, or CPST.  So I'm away from the computer all day and by evening I'm brain fried. 

I can't say for certain when I'll get back to writing full-time, though I am getting closer with every day and each thing I can mark off my list (see goals post below).  For now, ask me about Emergency Locking Retractors with lightweight locking latchplates and how that would affect the installation of a convertible child restraint with a rear-facing tether.  *g*


Tara said...


What prompted you to take this course? It interests me due to my own "little boy"!

MM said...


I'm a new fan of this blog. May I link it to my writing blog

barb michelen said...
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Jenny said...

Tara - I got really into carseat safety when I was researching seats for LB when he turned one last year. So many little lives could be saved if people would just bother to put their child in a carseat/booster and make sure to use it correctly.

MM - Welcome! So glad you found me, and absolutely link if you'd like! *g* Things have been quiet but should pick up as I start rewrites. Soon, I hope!