Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Return

...and I'm back.
Didn't mean to drop off the face of the blogosphere like that, but my computer time at home was incredibly scaled back - usually just long enough to scan my blog subscriptions, check my e-mail, and respond to anything urgent (and if you're waiting on a detailed reply from me, I've been saving it until I had the time to answer fully, so that's why you haven't heard anything at all) - and at work I haven't had the time to do much of anything besides, well, work.
But I'd given myself until after Little Boy's birthday party to do other things, and so I have been.  We almost didn't have Little Boy's party - a late snowstorm and almost a foot of snow put the kibosh on Saturday's plans - but thankfully almost everyone could make it up Sunday instead after they got the roads clear.  So, much fun (and pizza and cake) was had by all, and now it's time for me to once again get BIC on a regular basis.
I'll be easing into it, likely for the rest of this month, as I also have some other commitments to catch up on.  Rather than post a set of goals, I'll put up my list and mark things off as I go:
To-do list:
Finish and post promised review of book
Finish long-overdue beta-read
Beta-read short story
Finish writing up proposed changes for OHN
Transport OHN into LSB for rewrites
Rework first page/first five pages (AGAIN) and post on Forum for comment
Catch up on Forum posts and Firsts Workshop
Respond to e-mails
Update blog
Non book-related:
Clean out aquarium
Send care package to brother
Get motor scooter serviced for riding season
Write to sponsored child in Columbia
Attend CPST class March 25-28 (yeah, I'm a carseat safety nut)

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