Thursday, April 30, 2009

Please don't give up on me!

I still exist. I haven't given up on Alec, Elspeth, or OHN. But I'm one month out from my oral board exams (American Board of Radiology; I'm going for certification in Therapeutic Radiologic Physics) and that is All. I. Can. Think. About.

Work, work-related projects, and study...that's all I do. Very little internet, practically no fiction reading, and not much TV. If I can get past this hurdle, it not only means a not-insignificant raise, but the summer is wide open and ready for me to get back to business on the book.

In the back of my head some revisions are simmering, for the first and final four chapters, mainly. I'll get to those and start querying, plus submit the full to the publisher who requested(!) it.

Stay tuned.


Precie said...

Good luck on the board exams!!!

Sharon Bond said...

What does a medical physicist do?? I'm very curious!