Thursday, November 09, 2006

Marathon - Day 2

Well, again not as productive as I'd hoped. I did come in right at another 1000 new words, which I guess is not bad, but I'd been hoping for 1500-2000. DH, darn him, got 1500 last night and 1800 tonight. But I'm way ahead of him in total wordage, so I guess it's okay. *g*

In my defense, I did spend a good portion of writing time revising previously written material. So that's a little tighter, has some nice new elements, and ties in with the new stuff I've been working on.

All in all, I guess I'm satisfied.

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Shaylin said...

Yeah, see, you've been revising. I've been mostly just slapping down words and hoping they make some sort of coherent sense. I've revised my opening once, last week, at the beginning of this meshuga. All of my stuff is still in the "very rough draft" stage.