Friday, November 10, 2006

Marathon - Day 3

Only 700 words tonight. But I stopped myself early so I could go to bed and get up in the morning for the Crusie-Mayer workshop I'm attending. The program looks awesome; a great overview of novel-writing, and addressing some specific topics I want to better myself at.

I have this really great program (thanks Dad!) called Microsoft OneNote that records lectures while you type notes, and syncs the recording up with the typed words. So I can go to any point in my notes and click to hear the actual discussion at that point. I've not used it before (DH has), but I have great plans for tomorrow. I'll take a pen and paper, just in case, though. *g*

Now, to bed!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made good progress in the marathon. Good for you! (And DH too.) So did the Crusie-Mayer workshop live up to your expectations?

OneNote sounds interesting. I'm having a tough time visualizing *how* it works, but it sounds cool.