Monday, July 16, 2007

Mid-month report

News flash: apparently, I write better/faster/easier when I'm well rested. Who'd've thought? *g*

I took Friday and yesterday off, because my best friend from high school was coming and we went to see Harry Potter Friday night. I also was pretty worn out from the week and my battles with chapter seven.

Tonight I was fresh, and I managed a whopping 2654 words in about 4 hours to beat my previous nightly record. Also to get caught up and meet my mid-month goal. So woo.

I actually forewent chapter seven to work on a couple later scenes that had been simmering in my head for a few days and just starting to boil. Fun times.

I may try something new this week, or maybe after I get back from my professional conference in couple weeks: I've given thought to the idea of going to sleep when the baby does (9-ish, anymore) and getting up mondo early - like 4 am - and heading in to work, then writing in my office until time to "clock in" at 8. I have a nice office chair, a big flat-screen monitor, and plenty of peace and quiet. OTOH, it's easier for me to stay up than get up. I guess we'll see.

For now, to bed. Please comment on my title post below if you haven't yet - I need input! Thanks!

P.S. I changed my profile pic. That's a pretty good representation, equations and scooter and all. You know it is when you post it and your brother e-mails you: "Where the hell did you get that graphic?!" Hehe. I'll probably go back to arisaid chick at some point, but for now I like it.

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deniz said...

if you can manage the getting up early bit and avoid the "I'll just quickly check my emails" thing when you do get in to the office, then I think the 4am work schedule might just work - that's how I got all my homework done in my last few classes!