Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

Jen (and Carol) tagged me for this, so here ya go: 7 random, little-known things about myself.

1) I have multiple tattoos. More than 2 but fewer than 5. There's a recurring theme of red roses, and I also have my son's name (Gabriel) in Hebrew on my right shoulder. I plan to get all future children's names too, on the same shoulder in a column.

2) I love ceramics. There's just something cathartic about slamming a hunk of clay on a spinning wheel and pulling something usable and elegant out of it. (Also getting dirty to the elbows.) Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to do anything since college. It's an expensive hobby.

3) Heh. One of the "little-known" things about myself I usually tell people is that I'm writing a romance novel. I guess that one's out... How about this: the first book I ever tried to write was a Star Trek novel (original series) when I was in middle school.

4) Oh, this one's good: in graduate school I rotated the gantry of a linear accelerator into a $50,000 piece of radiation measurement equipment and broke it. Yeah. Thankfully, the repairs only cost about $3,000 and they didn't make me pay for it (or kick me out of the program).

5) I have snuck into an Israeli archaeological site (the tell of Megiddo) after hours. We climbed a fence and up the back of the tell, because by the time our tour group got there it was closed for the day and we wouldn't have a chance to come back. Of course, our "tour guide" was an archaeologist that worked for the Israeli Antiquities Authority, and he knew where we could and couldn't go on site, so it wasn't quite as bad.

6) I am afraid of falling. Heights don't bother me at all, but I can't allow myself to fall. Consequently, I cannot do somersaults or cartwheels, I hate rollercoasters and drop rides (like the one at the amusement park in MY STATE where the girl's feet were cut off!), and I will never bungee jump or skydive.

7) I compulsively stir. If something is simmering in a pot or waiting to be mixed up or whatever, if I come by I will stir it. Even if it's supposed to sit. I can't help it.

Geez, tags...most everyone's taken, so I'll hit Shaylin, Jo, Maureen (we miss you!), and Claire and Deniz and Kimb' if they read this and have anywhere to post it. Also Brooke.


Jen said...


Hey, in high school I broke the centrifuge. (g) I'm a legend.. I went back once and people just sort of stopped, mouths gaping... "You're the one." My chem teacher talked about putting up a plaque in my honor, as my school was too cheap to buy a new one. (g)


Carol said...

Hi Jenny,

Mutiply tattoos. I would never have guessed?

Jenny said...

Jen -

Hehe. Yeah, I broke something in my chemistry lab in undergrad, too. Not as expensive as the thing I broke in grad school, but still... It's a wonder I made it this far.

Carol -

Well, at least they're all small. Not ostentatious in the slightest. One of them you might never even see... ;-)

Deniz said...

Here's the 8 Things I also sent over to Snail's Tales:
1. I think my love of England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales must have begun in Grade 1. Our teacher Mrs Allan was Scottish and I remember at least once she had her two sons visit. They could have been anywhere between 15 and 30, but to my 6-7 year old self they appeared very very tall and very very handsome. But beyond that, I have barely any memory of that earliest time and still no conclusive evidence for my infatuation with that corner of the world.

2. Here’s something that’s really annoying – I’ve lost two diaries and one notebook so far from when I was between 10 and 13 years old. If anyone finds them please return them to me because they contain all the dreams I had back then, a few story ideas and, especially, details about my unrequited high school crushes. ha ha...

3. I tried cigarettes the first time when I was in 8th Grade. Nothing. I’ve tried ‘em a couple of times since then but... blechh... They’re way too expensive for the dubious pleasure one might get from a few minutes of smoking them... I’d rather smoke a pipe!

4. Hmm, another unknown thing... I’ve only been camping once, and that was with a trailer. See below:

[insert Calvin and Hobbes comic re camping here]

5. I was in fifth grade when I found out that Montreal is an island.

6. I’ve read The Lord of The Rings at least once a year since I was 10 or 11.

7. I saw Spaceballs at least 5 times before I ever saw Star Wars – and I still prefer Spaceballs!

8. I’m a miser.

Jenny said...

Deniz -

Ahaha you and DH will really have to talk. Spaceballs is his Favorite. Movie. Ever.

If I ever need to keep him occupied, I just toss out a Spaceballs quote and he'll amuse himself for about 30 minutes quoting to himself.

We're both also big LOTR fans.

Montreal is an island? Cool. *g*