Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jokes! And a contest!

One of the recent posts on Smart Bitches Trashy Books had me snorting liquid out my nose, or would have if I'd been drinking anything at the time.  Check it out:
I had to add my two cents in the comments, to the effect of a list of how physicists "do it":
Physicists do it a quantum at a time.
Physicists do it at the speed of light.
Cosmologists do it in the first three minutes.
Mathematical physicists understand the theory of how to do it, but have difficulty obtaining practical results.
Quantum physicists can either know how fast they do it, or where they do it, but not both.
Particle physicists do it energetically.
Particle physicists to it with charm.
Aerodynamicists do it in drag.
Astrophysicists do it with a Big Bang.
Astronomers do it all night.
Astronomers do it in clusters.
Astronomers do it on mountain tops.
Astronomers do it with white dwarfs and red giants.
(My favorites are the mathematical and quantum physics ones.) 

I added my own:
Medical physicists do it in fractions.
Medical physicists do it on the table.
Medical physicists do it with doctors, nurses, therapists, dosimetrists…

Ooh, more:

Medical physicists do it with Quality Assurance. 
Medical physicists do it with modulated intensity. 
Medical physicists do it theraputically.

Okay, enough.  Sorry.  Can you tell I'm working late and procrastinating?  *w*

So, the contest part!
Elspeth has a tattoo.  I haven't decided what it is yet - that's where the contest comes in.  She's a physicist, like me, so I was looking for some geektastically awesome science/physics-related tattoo.  Nothing too huge or elaborate.
Post or e-mail your ideas or pictures to me, and the winner gets their design featured in the book, a nod in my acknowledgements page, and a walk-on role for themselves.  Or...something like that.  *g*


Precie said...

Well, my instinct is probably a little simplistic...but how about an atom?

Precie said...

OR a mobius strip...OR a DNA strand.

I like this game!

NBB said...

I found a few cool things. Stay tuned in for my mail :)


NBB said...

Hey Precie,

I was thinking of the same things :)

Rachel said...

Well, I looked arounbd the net. A surprising amount of kungfu-physics realted sites btw. Cos I was thinking that Elspeth, a physicist and a martial arts girl, would likely have a tat pertaining to both these aspects of her life?

Anhyhoo:- I got this link from a site about the physics of martial arts. It may do for a tat. I hope it works!