Friday, September 07, 2007

September Marathon, Day 1

Today was the first day of the Compuserve marathon.  I (rather foolishly) set myself a goal to be at 90K by the end on Monday.  Ha.

Tonight I got about 1200 words - 1193, to be exact - and I'm okay with that.  I could push myself for the rest of the 700-some-odd I need to make the elusive 80K, but it's midnight and I want to be able to function tomorrow.

Besides, I realized I'm about to cut almost as many words as I just wrote, so I'll be right back here tomorrow.  Ergo, I'm still not updating my wordcount meter.  Progress is not measured in words alone.

To that end, my new goal for the marathon is to be "done" with Act I.  Meaning, have everything contiguous and divided into chapters from the beginning to the trip to Glasgow.  That will be well over 36K - probably closer to 40K - of the MS in first draft.  No more chunks.  If I can get beyond that into Act II with the kidnapping and rescue, so much the better.  But it won't involve just writing - there will be cutting.  So even if I do manage 10K new words, the overall wordcount may not show it.


Brooke said...

Can I stand on the side and throw water on you during your marathon? AHAHA.

I posted a quick, ultra rough synopsis. Check it out and see if you'll even consider reading this mess after you find out what it's about. BWUAHA.

Jenny said...

Sure and sure. I need to know where your blog's URL first, though. *g*