Tuesday, May 06, 2008


...just not the writing kind.
I had a very productive weekend.  Among the many projects I completed were:

-Final sanding, re-spackling, and final-final sanding of new closet in upstairs hall, culminating in painting the new wall of said closet on Sunday afternoon.  Now I just need to get the same kind of trim paint as in the rest of the house, and do the frame and door.
-Laundry.  It may not seem like a big deal, but it is.  For me.
-Sorting through, folding, and boxing a whole bunch of clothes Little Boy has outgrown to give to our friends who are adopting a boy (6 months younger) from China.
-Rearranging stuff into various closets to clean out Little Boy's "big boy" room/playroom to open up space for more toys.  From downstairs.  Seriously, they are taking over our living room right now.  About 50% of those are baseballs.  DH and I have decided LB can fund our retirement with his Major League career.  (Did I mention he's 2?)
-Sticking the better part of 90 glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling in the aforementioned room.  I tried to be conservative, but I ran out of sticky-tak so the remaining few are sitting on top of his dresser for now.

Okay, side note.  DH pointed this out...  Of the people who put glow-in-the-dark stars on their kids' ceilings, how many bother to put in constellations?  And of those, how many print off a star chart from the month said child was born, and put the constellations visible at that time in their proper orientations?

*Jenny sheepishly raises hand*

I've still got about 20 of the littler stars to put up - the last bits of the Milky Way, such as it is - and once I get everything done I'll try to get a decent pic.  It's pretty neat to look at from the floor in a totally dark room.
On the writing front I haven't done much but I do have a (sort-of) excuse: I've been accepted to the Next Level Workshop, and it begins May 29th.  So even though I have writing stuff here and there I could be doing, the NLW will take up so much of my time in a few weeks - AND it will be focused, directed edits rather than my shotgun approach - that I've decided to allow myself other household projects in the meantime.
Oh, and congrats to Jen on her upcoming graduation from Law School!


NBB said...

Re: stars
I thinks that's avery coll idea and hope LB will appreciate it one day

Re: writing
Sounds good!

Deniz Bevan said...

"And of those, how many print off a star chart from the month said child was born, and put the constellations visible at that time in their proper orientations?"
What a great idea! I wish I'd had one of those...
Ah, laundry, yes. I'll get right on it...

Lynne said...

I am so sad not to see my blog mentioned. And I have such a beautiful mountain!Jen is graduating? Where should I offer my condolences?
Kidding. See you later.

Jenny said...

Lynne - Have no fear! Updating my blog (including my list of links) is near the top of my "projects" list. You'll be getting linkage love soon. :-)