Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Character Portrait: Final (Colors and Background)

Yup! This is it - the final version!

Jason sent me a colored version last week and I asked for two changes - he's been so patient with me, hehe - but then he was offline due to computer issues until recently. He made the changes I asked for and I got the "final-final" version yesterday, to my great excitement!

What? You want to see them? *g* Oh, okay, well since you asked nicely...

(Image copyright 2008 Jason Badower.)

He was also good enough to send me versions I can set as my desktop (which I did!) and a smaller version to post online (which you see here).

Keep in mind that these images are scaled way down from the full size. Remember the teaser pics I posted of their eyes? That's full size. My image viewer software shows the dimensions as 32x40 cm, but Jason says it will print very nicely on A2 sized paper (twice that). Guess who's making a stop at her local print shop on the way home? *g*

Final thoughts: this process is addicting. Now I can see my characters whenever I want! It's so awesome, in fact, that I cannot imagine writing another book without saving my pennies for a portrait of those characters. In fact, once I finish saving for the "Next Level" workshop it's on to a portrait of Nate and Mairi, possibly - nae, probably - before I even finish that MS.

At some point I hope Jason will blog his side of this process, and have no fears I'll link y'all over there when it goes up.

So...a few of you have been good enough to comment throughout but I'd love to hear from everyone: what do you think?


Carol A. Spradling said...


This is absolutely beautiful. He did such a great job with it. You must be beside yourself.

Christy said...


Wow! This is great. I love the pictures. They both look exactly how I pictured them in my head.

NBB said...

Wow! Just wow!

Deniz Bevan said...

They're grrreat! (I feel like Tony the Tiger on the cereal box.) Sooo exciting to see them in colour!

Tara Parker said...

This is incredible! From what I've read of the story and the characters in the house parties, the guy got them dead on!

Very, very cool!

Precie said...

I agree...Utterly Cool! But I'm fascinated more by the background than by the people...I LOVE the contrasts, the light and dark, the plain and the castle. Love that!

So where are you going to hang the print?

Lynne said...

Print can be bumped up on the screen with a complex command. Hit Enter.
Great looking guy! Looks like fun.
Enjoy the rewrites, I know I'm having a lovely time. Not. Does not mean you can't have fun!

Lynne said...

I don't know about seeing your characters. I found a photo of person who looked like one of mind. She's messing up my book, now that I know what she looks like. Have you seen her on my blog? Plus there's a mountain in the way. I really like the pictures you've posted here and wished I had picked a 'triple-decker'bus. My blog: http//lynne'
I think. If not, then the Lynne doesn't have an apostrophe. See you!

Lynne said...

Jest checked.
And, I can't find Lori Benton. See you tomorrow!