Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It cuts both ways...

I've gotten quite a few messages saying I'm driving people crazy with the waiting for Friday.  *g*  Well, I'm pretty excited about it and I hope you'll think it's as cool as I do when the time comes.
But never fear.  Though I am reveling in the anticipation of a big reveal, the anxiety cuts both ways.  See, I'm not the only person involved in this project, and it involves waiting on my part, too.  Which I have been doing since Monday.  To the point of constantly staying logged into my e-mail and pouncing on any new message as it arrives.
So far, nothing, but I imagine those of you in this hemisphere might hear my "squeeeee" when what I'm waiting for comes through.
Until then, patience, young Grasshopper...
(Oh, and I didn't make it over to the workshop last night, partly because I was miffed at my MIL and had to go have a nice vent with the other good ladies at the BabyCenter carseats board, and partly because I decided to skim through my DVR'd episode of Dancing With the Stars and see who got the boot.  And then I got sucked in by The Deadliest Catch - now THAT's reality TV.  But I'll be a good girl tonight.)


Precie said...

Hey, when you get a chance, do you have any recommendations on boosters? Child is currently in a Britax Marathon, but he's going to be too tall for it soon.

(I'm so not ready to give up the 5-pt harness.)


Anonymous said...

Hey J - you and I are MFEO, I think - I am a total baby-things-researcher. Only I gave up on BabyCenter (though that's where I met Precie-pie), and stay mostly on Baby Bargains.

Precie - Britax Regent, all the way. 5 pt harness is a must.

Jenny said...

Precie - I can do more if I know age, weight, and torso height, but you do have a few options for what we call EH/HWH (extended harnessing/high weight harnessing). It also helps if I know what vehicle the seat will be in.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail and we can talk specifics.

First, the Regent as Aerin pointed out. It'll harness to 80 pounds and has 20" top slots. Most kids can go from this directly into a seatbelt, because they're in it to age 8 or so. But, it is a BIG seat, and can be complicated to install. And it's expensive, around $250-300.

If you want a HWH seat that will also become a booster, the new Graco Nautilus harnesses to 65 pounds and has 19" top slots, then becomes a HBB (high back booster) and then a LBB (low back) all the way to 100 pounds. At only $150 it's a nice option.

The Safety 1st Apex 65 is very similar - HWH to 65 and 18" or 19" top slots - then a booster, and priced around $130. It's quite a bit wider than the Nautilus, and *requires* an adjustable vehicle-seat headrest behind the top of it because it's not reinforced on its own.

There's always the Sunshine Kids Radian 65 and 80, which are HWH only seats (no booster option). Both have 18" top slots and the only difference is weight limit - 65 or 80 pounds, respectively. Priced between $175-250.

AND I've heard about a new Britax seat, the Frontier, which is Britax's answer to the Nautilus and Apex. It will harness to 80 pounds and then become a booster to 100 pounds. Available end of April, Price $280.

I love car seat questions, ask away!