Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Character Portrait: Tones

Jason often calls this his favorite stage, and I can kinda see why. The characters become three-dimensional, and you can really appreciate the depth and detail of the image before becoming distracted by colors. Not that there's anything wrong with colors! But this is kind of the point at which the images begin to have a feeling of life about them. There's also just something elegant about black-and-white shots.

After the "final" lineart, I did ask for a few corrections (as mentioned in my last post) and to save time Jason made them and then went ahead and sent the corrected version with the tones already on. I'd been pulling up the lineart file for days, just to stare at them. After this point, my obsession with staring got even worse! But it was finally in a form I could set as the background on my computer desktop, which I did pretty much immediately. Then at least all I had to do to see them was minimize everything.

But enough about me *w*...here they are in grayscale:

(Image copyright 2008 Jason Badower.)

See what I mean? *g*

I got to enjoy this version for quite some time while I waited on the final colors. But the good news is, you won't have to wait: I got the final-final version today and I LOVE it!!! Watch for that tomorrow...


NBB said...

Wow, what a difference toning makes! I can absolutely understand that you got obsessed ;)

Carol A. Spradling said...

I think it's tomorrow where Nina lives! (wink)

NBB said...

*lol* Carol!