Friday, April 04, 2008

My Haunts

So, when I'm not blogging - which is pretty often, lately - where am I [spending inordinate amounts of my day] online?  Here are my main haunts:
(I know, I've been MIA since February sometime...but I'll be back soon.  Once I can get over my fear of being ovewhelmed by all the catching up I have to do!)
(Aka "the car seats board" - I'm back on there now that I'm a CPST.)
(I keep telling myself "you've got 3 years...give it a rest until then" but I'm like a moth to flame with adoption stories!)
(For adults in braces.)
(Nothing like LOLcats to brighten your day!)
Other places I might pop into:
my local playgroup's message board (you have to be a member to see it)
Facebook (about once a week or when I get a notification)
iGoogle and/or GoogleReader (LOTS of time here!)
local news websites (I know, the Evil Empire! *g*)

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