Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, while we're all waiting (yes, I am too, and yes - still waiting!) I'd like to hear from you guys...

Those of you who have read snips - or more - of OHN, tell me: how would you describe Alec and Elspeth?  What do you think they look like?

As the author, of course I have an idea in *my* head, but people interpret so differently.  I'm curious to see how others picture my characters.

Leave a comment and tell me how YOU see them.


Carol A. Spradling said...

Hmm, I see Alec as bulky, but not body builder gross. Dark brown hair, slightly wavy. Broad chest. When he smiles, his face changes to complete innocense, but can harden instantly.

Elspeth. 5'6ish. Dark hair with light highlights. She doesn't smile much. Small mouth. Takes life WAY to seriously and it shows on her face. Medium build, average porportions. For some reason, I don't know why, I picture big hands and feet.

Am I close? Jenny, you gotta do a trailer, or have you? hmmm?

NBB said...

I agree with Carol on Alec. A tall dark-haired man.

And Elspeth. I hope you don't take offence, but I imagine her looking like me. A bit.
You don't exactly know how I look like :) and Carol's description comes close here too. But I think, although she's a serious person, her face does not look it (all the time) and people easily underestimate her. When she smiles, her eyes brighten up, but if she's angry, you don't want to cross her icy stare.