Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Oddities of My Profession


A friend and fellow medical physicist from my graduate program sent this picture today:


(I thought better of having that up on all my screenshots of this blog for the next few days...)

It's a cake one of their patients brought in to commemorate his HDR - that's High Dose Rate brachytherapy - prostate treatment.

Yes, the procedure does involve a number of catheters implanted trans-perineally (later removed)

I just hope he or his wife is a cake decorator. Can you imagine walking into the Kroger bakery and asking for this? Heehee.

[Sorry if this triple-posts to the RSS feed...Blogger's being funky.]


MM said...

Great picture. I think you should have posted it on the blog. Too funny.

Jenny said...

Well, I did have it up, but I've got a few places that "screen capture" my blog (an app on Facebook is one of them) and the text is too small to read, so all you'd see was the picture of a butt with stuff sticking out of it. Looks worse out of context *g* so I switched to hyperlinked instead.