Friday, April 25, 2008

Tag Lines

So I was just thinking...okay, I was browsing Flair on Facebook, and it got me thinking...a lot of books have "tag lines" either used for marketing, or even just on the front cover somewhere to pique interest. Like an extremely short hook. And it could be a viral thing, like if/when OHN comes out I could make a Flair button (see how I got here?) that had an image and/or the tagline and all my friends and people who liked the book would add it. Okay, well, forgive me my delusions of grandeur *w* but I was trying to come up with a tag line for OHN and this just popped up.

Two times...One destiny.

Or somesuch. I'll be playing with this in my head a bit.

::UPDATE:: How about this? Two times...One destiny...One love.

Too corny? Too cliche? Too vague?

Suggestions? And if you could come up with a tag line for your OWN book, what would it be? (I know, the $64,000 question, right?)

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on the different stages of the project (see below post for teaser pics), just as soon as I get access to my data stick and some free time to write it up.

Note: The other "missing" posts finally showed up so I tried to send this by e-mail...but no dice. I'm manually reposting it for the moment, and if/when the other appears, I'll come and take it down. But that's why this post might be duplicated, in case you're wondering.

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