Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Getting into the groove

I've settled into the nearest branch of our local library to work, and I'll probably be found here for most of my remaining time off.  They've got nice tables with outlets for hooking up laptops, and wifi.  Also there's something about the quiet atmosphere and being surrounded by the sight (and smell) of thousands of books that aids in my concentration.

Only problem is, they don't open until 9:30 and I drop Little Boy off at preschool between 8-8:30 so I need somewhere to go for about an hour.  I think I'll hit the Starbucks near his school for something warm to eat/drink and e-mail time and then come here to get down to business.  Given that I've spent most of the morning futzing around online (backlash for being internet-deprived all summer) that will help me stay focused, I think.

I'm really getting into things as of today.  I've not said as much as I meant to about it, but Barbara Rogan - fellow Forumite (though I've been largely absentee lately), author, former literary agent and editor - offers an intensive online revisions workshop called the Next Level Workshop.  I had the pleasure and the luck to participate this summer.  It sucked up most of my "free" time, and I still have much to do on the MS itself, but the things I've learned and the decisions I've reached have been invaluable.  I'm gonna start a series of blog posts as I work through her recommended 8 "sessions" of revision.

The first one is organization and structure, and I'm starting on that today.

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