Thursday, October 16, 2008


My computer is filthy.  It's something you don't recognize at home, but since I've had it out and about the past week or so, the smudge on the screen, the crumbs and cat hair in/around the keys, and the dried splashes of milk (I sometimes work at the breakfast table, near where Little Boy sits) are all glaringly obvious.  Yet I keep forgetting to clean it.

I spent the better part of Tuesday afternoon backing up my data stick, trying to error-check and defrag it, then repeating the process when the defrag locked up, all so I could install the most recent version of Liquid Story Binder.  I was eventually successful.  And then they released another, newer version yesterday.  *headdesk*

Speaking of yesterday, I was working in the library (I've got a "spot" back here in reference) when I caught a guy fondling himself.  And not just through his clothes.  Yeah.  So I told the libarians, the police were called, I had to give a was craziness.  DH insisted on driving out here and escorting me home.

In more positive news, I'm loving my new dance shoes.  They're soft-soled leather ballet pumps I bought to wear to my dance class, and I was breaking them in around the house last night.  Very comfortable.  What dance class, you ask?  Why, the beginner's Scottish Country Dance class my good friend Jodi (*waves*) and I are attending on Monday nights for the next two months.  We spent Monday working on some of the basic steps, but we did a fairly complicated jig by the end of the night.  One of our instructors (they're RSCDS certified, so this is "official"!) told me I must have danced before.  Nope, just color guard, but I did preen a little at the compliment.  *g*

Our new bedroom suite ROCKS.  This is the first time in, well, ever that I've owned a bed and mattress that weren't hand-me-down.  We spared no expense (hooray, zero-intrest financing!) and it was SO. Worth. It.  Even if I'm not sleeping more than usual, I'm sleeping much better.  Pillow-topped bliss, even if we had to special-order all our sheets and stuff (California King is hard to find in stores!).  Also, it's nice to have an actual nightstand with, like, drawers and stuff that won't wobble and topple if the cats jump up on it.

Today is the first day in over a month that the weather is acting its season.  We've been having mid-70's-lower-80's weather that was sunny and dry...fine for September (or my preference in general) but today it's misty and cool at 65, much more like mid-October should be.

Having regular internet access again while I'm off has been a blessing and a curse.  I'm reverting to my old habits of looking up anything I want to, any time, and it's somewhat distracting.  On that note, I'd better get back to work.  I only have 1 more day after today (2 if I come here Saturday) and I'm way behind of my goals.  Look for a post about my progress later today.

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