Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Look, Updates, & Some Fun Links

I took some time on my last "free" day at the library (Saturday) and updated the blog a bit.  Nothing major, but you'll notice a few new things in the sidebars, and some things have been moved around. 

I added the "Follow" widget over there on the left, just above the archives, so if you're a regular reader, please click "Follow This Blog" so I know you're there!  If you have a blog and I haven't linked to you yet, that will help remind me to do so.  *g*

Also, the status bars are back near the top of the page.  The new one - "Rewrites" - will track my progress as I move through the MS.  Look for a post specific to that in the near future, but for now the simple explanation is:

I'm going chapter-by-chapter through the MS, revising according to my new ubersynopsis.  Some chapters just require editing, some require extensive rewrites, and some require something in-between.  As I finish EACH CHAPTER the final wordcount for that chapter will be added to my Rewrites status bar.  Right now it's at just over 5K; that represents chapters 1 & 2.

Right now my goal is 2 chapters per night.  We'll see if I can keep that up.  (Hooray for caffeine pills!)

I should be aided in my progress by Jen's creation of an accountability circle.  Thanks, Jen!

Another cool link I found on Kait's blog, thanks to her comment here: Crit Partner Match

Remember my Scottish Country Dance partner, Jodi?  She's also going to help me make a period-authentic (or as close as we can get) costume like Elspeth would have worn in the seventeenth century.  Probably not in time for Halloween, not with me so wrapped up in rewrites, but you never know.  I promise to post pics.  Here are some of the links from whence I got my info:

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