Monday, August 07, 2006

Beginning with the beginning

Ah, the revision process starts. Fun times. There are a total of 11 comments on my beginning clip, and most of them think I should re-write it into a realtime account of the phone conversation. So I guess I'll do that. Maybe tonight.

The second major theme is that nothing is happening. Maybe starting with the phone conversation will alleviate that problem. Maybe not. But I mean, really - it's only 150 words. I can't have much more happen than Elspeth finding out her fiance and best friend are hooking up. That's a pretty major event, in my book.

(In my book...ha! This IS my book. Pun not intended, but hehehe. )

Third most common theme (2 posts) is Elspeth's unusual name. I may end up changing it, but for now I'm sticking with it. I've addressed the fact that her name is unusual. It's Scottish. Elspeth isn't thrilled with it, either. In fact, I wrote that scene (367 words of it, at least) this morning while I should have been checking an IMRT plan for work. Much inspiration from my husband's stuggles with his unusual name, and my struggles with my common one.

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Jon said...

I was too lazy to go over there and comment, especially when I found that I disagreed with a majority of your commentors. Then again, maybe I'm biased as your brother, but I don't need to be hooked in 150 words--I allow for character and plot development. *shrug*

Rewrite it if you feel like it, but do save everything you come up with.

To be perfectly honest, I am--for some reason--opposed to opening the book with a telephone conversation. It seems, to me, to be its own little cliche of ways to hook a reader. But don't listen to me, I'm a crotchety old young man.