Friday, August 04, 2006

I made it!

Woo! Someone provided a continuation for my opening snippet and I made it up on Evil Editor's page. You can read it HERE.

So far the comments have been pretty good! I'm all giddy and excited now. Maybe I do have it in me to do this writing thing.

As for the advice given, I may or may not write in the actual phone call. Or I may write it and tell it as a flashback. But the only seemingly negative (and not that bad, really) comment I can answer. A) Yes, I know Elspeth is an offbeat the US. The character isn't thrilled with it either at first, but it's a Scottish name and she ends up in Scotland so it works out. And 2) For the part that s/he says is unrealistic (being told by phone) that really happened to me. That part is loosely based on my life (not quite as dramatic as the book storyline--boyfriend, not fiance) and it did actually happen that way: by phone. But I may work in something like "he wanted and knew he needed to tell her, but he just couldn't bring himself to face her in person" to account for that part.

Anyway, that's my highlight of the day. Now back to the ever-demanding day job, that is especially oppressive today. I hope I can write some this weekend.

Oh, and I updated my links section, finally. So have some fun with those.

Comment on my opening, please!

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