Sunday, August 13, 2006


Today I bought a travel guide to Scotland, as part of my reasearch. While flipping through the "Highlands" section, I came across a castle that was destroyed by lightning in the mid-18th century (1760). Thinking that might make a possible location, I Googled it. Not only will it work well for my story, but the owner was a real Nasty Piece of Work, up to and including being implicated in the Glencoe Massacre. So now I have a location for Bad Guy...and Bad Guy's name! This will help me find direction for the rest of my historical info. Woohoo!

Oh, and I bought another time-travel novel while I was in the bookstore. 35 pages in and it's already better than the series I was reading last week, cover art notwithstanding.

Side note: when I get published, I will tell my editor to please, PLEASE not have the art department put half-naked people on my book. It may end up classified as historical romance, but I know what I look for in a book, and half-naked people tend to turn me away, unless the "sound bite" on the back is really interesting.

So, yeah, I'm over my funk again. Having actual data to work with helps. And seeing that there are a lot of time-travel historical romances, and even though they share some elements, the stories and characters are different. I'll try not to descend into another one. *grin*


Jon said...

Hey hey!

So you have your Bad Guy, a place and person to research, and a time frame (pre-1760s). Keep on trucking. I want to live vicariously through your publication.

Shaylin said...

Ditto. Plus, I want to live ostentatiously through the money earned by your publication. :D