Monday, September 04, 2006


After my mad word rush of last week, I really looked forward to the three-day weekend. Here was my chance to get housework done during the day, and keep pressing forward with the book in the evenings.

Alas, not so.

As I sit here on Sunday night, I've maybe written 50 words or so. The past few nights I've been positively brain-dead by the time I sit down at the computer. Usually, if I just read over some previous work, or cruise the other writing blogs or the Compuserve forum for a bit, I'm refreshed and manage to make some progress, but last night and this, that didn't happen.

I have a few scenes that I could be working on...Elspeth gets captured by Campbell's guys after showing Alec her mad martial arts skillz (they sneak up behind her and conk her on the head, so there's no discontinuity)...Alec explains the history of the MacGregors and their beef with the Campbells (especially Glenorchy/Breadalbane)...Elspeth goes with the clanfolk up to the summer shielings shortly after her arrival...Doug comes to Elspeth after her return and wants to get back together; she says no and reveals she's pregnant...Elspeth and Alec keep narrowly missing each other when he comes to find her in the present day...finish writing the first chapter...finish writing the "Wedding Night" chapter...

So you see, it's not lack of ideas that have me stagnating, it's lack of mental reserves. Oh, well. Bed early tonight and hope to get back on the horse tomorrow.

An upside to the weekend, though. A book I ordered used from Amazon for $1.20 (plus shipping) has turned out to be one of my best historical sources yet. TONS of great historical and cultural info for my setting. Excellent.

Gaidhlig Phrase of the Day: uisge beatha. "whisky" (lit. "water of life")

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