Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coolest. Website. Ever.


Cindy said...

Cheap, yeah. But authors don't get paid when you share their books. Hey, aren't you writing a novel? (G)

Cindy said...

Hi Jenny:
I was thinking about you earlier, when I picked up a massive historical novel that I lately purchased, used. (gasp!) (G) It occurred to me that my comment here might have sounded a little nasty, when I really meant it in a kidding sort of way. I don't buy all my books new (couldn't possibly afford that), only my favourite authors. I hope you weren't offended.

Jenny said...

Cindy -

No problem! I actually tried to comment back to you the other day, but Blogger was misbehaving. *sigh* I don't see the paperback swap as anything different than picking up a book for $0.25 at a flea market or even ordering used from Amazon. Plus, if I find an author I like, I'm more likely to go buy more of their books, and also to recommend them to other people.