Thursday, September 07, 2006

Surrey, here I come!

After a much-protracted discussion between DH and myself, mulling the pros and cons of me flying across the continent by myself for 5 days, spending quite a bit of money, and doing all of this for a book which I may not finish (though I intend to) and may not sell (though I hope it does), we have agreed:

I am going to Surrey!

I've wanted to write for a long time, and now that I'm actually doing it I'm really enjoying myself. Going to the conference will drastically improve my writing, enable me to meet my Forum friends (and some of my favorite authors) in person, and also improve my chances of finishing and selling the book. It will be a learning experience that happens to be a lot of fun. *g*

So, I spent literally all morning making my reservations, and now everything is locked in. Woohoo.

The only question remaining is whether or not I will volunteer while I'm there. From the volunteer info, it seems like it's mostly for locals. Although there is some implication that I could attend workshops without registering for the conference...but I've already signed up, so that's a moot point. It'd be nice to help out and maybe rub shoulders with some big names. But I'm also going so that I can accomplish something with my writing, and I'm worried that doing too much will distract me from learning. I'll think about it; we have until September 20th to make our decisions and let the volunteer coordinator know.

(No Gaidhlig word today; I don't have my dictionary with me.)

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Jon said...

Hey hey!

If I hadn't just dropped a metric shit-ton of money on a computer I don't *technically* need, I might accompany you.

*shrug* One of these days. We're on our way to becoming quite the literary family: like the Brontes only with a dude.