Monday, May 07, 2007

And then, despite myself...

This is actually from a few days ago...Thursday, I think.

But yeah, I post on here that I'm not going to think about/work on the book until after my Jeopardy! audition. Then what happens?

I am overwhelmed with the need to write. It's that "inspired" writing where you're not thinking about're just reading words off a page in your head and if you don't write them down they're gone forever. So I gave in, and got over 800 new words down on my lunch break. Would have been over 1000 if I'd finished the scene, but hey - I'm not complaining.

Now Alec and Elspeth had better leave off for the next 4 days so I can do well on my Jeopardy! audition. Then they are welcome (indeed, requested!) to come back full force.

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Shaylin said...

Is that the scene I inspired?