Saturday, May 26, 2007

Playing catch-up

Yet another scene up on the Forum. And now I am playing catch-up on commenting on all the others' posts in 3 different subjects...April X's, May X's, and Twitterpated snips. I counted them when I sat down tonight and there were about 21 different snips I needed to read and comment on, fairly evenly spread over the 3 groups. Looks like I'll get the Twitterpated ones done tonight, and then - as it is very late already - I guess I need to go to bed.

I consider myself as having made progress, though. Being on the Forum again is getting me "back in the groove" and excited about writing. But before I went there tonight, I also spent quite a bit of time responding to an e-mail from my crit partner (yo, Kimb'!) who made some very good points about my plot in the ubersynopsis. So I was brainstorming and bouncing those ideas off her, and I think I came up with some workable ideas, or the beginnings of some. I can go from there, and the book will be richer and better for it. For all that I don't have any new words on the page to show for it. Those days are coming...

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