Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fun with Avatars

I'm still trying to get a handle on exactly what Alec looks like. So I've been playing with online "avatar" creation sites...

Yahoo! Avatars was fun, but they didn't have any good guys' clothing (read: kilts). This face is close, though.

In the meantime, I came up with cool ones for Elspeth and me (even though I already have a good idea what we look like...)

Yeah, we have the same face, but only 'cause there were so few options. I really do ride a motor scooter, btw. *g*

Bleh. It's midnight. How did that happen? I don't consider this "wasting time" because I really am trying to nail Alec's appearance down. I think that will help me write him better. But so much for tonight. Tomorrow starts my goal pursuit. 50K (total) by June 30th!


Beth said...

Hi, Jenny.

I know some writers who hunt up pictures in magazines in order to have something concrete to write from. It seems to work in reverse for me. I make up character appearances, or sometimes I just "see" them, but then occasionally I'll run across a photo of someone who looks like them.

Like this one for instance:

Make the hair longer and braid it back, the eyes a more golden shade of brown, get rid of the earring, and you've got Riordan. [g]

Jenny said...

Beth -

Ooh, I can picture Riordan now (sans mullet, hehe). Cool!

For me, I have an "idea" of what Alec looks like, but I do need something more concrete. Almost like "once I see him, I'll recognize him".

That's why I'm trying for the avatars...they're customizable, and not based on real people. But I might have to go trolling on some pic websites to see if I can find anyone that looks like him.


Carol said...

Hi Jenny,
I had the 'once I see him, I'll know experience' happen to me. I had the tv muted while I was writing and needed to take a break. While muted, I flipped through the channels, and there he was. I had to turn on the sound very quickly to hear what he sounded like. What a treat, he had the same voice and accent as what I'd given to my mc. I go back to that show periodically to watch for certain mannerisms. It is really nice to see what I've envisioned in 3-D.

Beth said...

Don't keep us in suspense, Carol. Who is it? [g]

Carol said...

LOL. It took me a while to find out what his name is. I don't watch this show and had to wait til they said his character's name si I could look for it in the credits. Finally though, I found it. James Scott.

Jenny said...

Carol - Not too bad a'tall. *w* A soap star, huh? Who would have thunk it?

In the meantime, I've found a close substitute for Alec in Martin Henderson. Alec is a little younger and a little more clean-shaven, but still it helps.

The funny thing is how close the avatar I came up with actually looks like MH, when I look at them together. Guess that says something. My subconscious knows what Alec looks like, at least...

Carol said...

Hi Jenny,
I thought Martin Henderson looked pretty good and close to your avatar. At the very least, he's not bad as a close second. *whew* Not bad, at all!

Jenny said...

Carol -

Heh. I'm content with him for the moment. *w* Probably as close as I can get IRL.

I may have to check out some movies he's done (I think one's a Bollywood thing called "Bride and Predjudice") and get the full 3D effect.