Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back in the Saddle

For real, this time!

I'm kicking off my fresh start by catching up on the Compuserve forum. I missed the April and May exercises, and I knew April's at least would help me get a new scene started. So tonight I read the prompt and wrote the "transition" scene of Alec returning to Glenstrae and learning that Elspeth sacrificed herself to Campbell in order to secure his (Alec's) release. He goes from giddy to be home and excited to announce their handfasting to worried, afraid, even angry - at her, for going against her promise to forget him and get away safe, and at Campbell, for obvious reasons. Even at himself.

So, I got the scene down, about 585 new words. Now I'm winding down (only one can of writing juice - aka caffienated soda - with dinner tonight) so I'll save and go to bed. Tomorrow I'll post the X and try to crit a few of the others. Then tomorrow night I'll take a look at May's.

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