Monday, May 21, 2007

April X

I did get the April X done and posted last night, but I forgot to blog about it. A couple of favorable comments so far, and I've gotten to thinking that I can do the same X for another "transition" scene: when Alec learns of Elspeth's "death." So I may be inspired to write that scene soon as well.

I also need to go and comment on everyone else's X's and then start on the one for May. But not tonight. Tonight is the season finale of Heroes (and I am a little more obsessed with that show than is probably healthy) and also the final of Dancing With The Stars. I want Apolo to win. But DWTS is getting the DVR in favor of Heroes. Tomorrow is the NCIS finale, but that will probably go on the DVR too. After this week, though, my "TV nights" will open up for the summer and hopefully that will help my writing time.

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