Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I need ideas.

Halloween falls on a weekday again this year, and we are allowed - practically encouraged - to dress up at work.  Fun times.

I need ideas of cool/creative costumes I could put together with minimal effort/expense.  Last year I went as Puss in Boots and had a pretty good time of it.  All I had to buy was the mask and cape.

I wanted to do a seventeenth-century getup this year, but finding or making the skirts and shift and bodice was just too difficult and time-consuming, even if I cheated and used department-store plaid flannel for the arisaid.



NBB said...

Hey Jenny,

for a costume birthday party in September I went as Count(ess) von Count (Sesame Street) but I guess that's a bit too similar to your last year's costume.
What about a pirate?
A gardener? Old lady?

Precie said...

Ooh, a pirate! You could probably use part of last year's costume too!


Deniz Bevan said...

How about just a Puss? Then you'd have whiskers and a tail :-)
Or you could go as Marge Simpson - I'm sure Walmart or some other store would have her hair...
Or you could go as Alec :-)