Monday, October 08, 2007

What I've been up to

Still not a huge blogging presence from me, but work continues behind the scenes...
Right now I'm in a researching/planning phase before I hit the last major unwritten scenes (Glencoe, Elspeth's kidnapping, etc.).  I'm currently in the middle of a character bio for Alec, getting all my thoughts and decisions on him - family background, beliefs and tastes, what he thinks of Elspeth, and his reaction to present day when he gets here - down.  Then I'll do one for Elspeth.  I've done these for other minor characters, but let the MCs grow as I went.  Now I want to get it all down so that in rewrites I can smooth it over and make sure the characters are consistent and grow throughout the story.
I'm also going to hit the books hard for more historical detail as I come into the really historical scenes, namely Glencoe.  I have a "character/story events" timeline but I'm going to write out a historical events timeline for the 9 months Elspeth spends in 1691-92 so I can get the correct political nuances in and make references to the right characters and happenings.
Then it's back to the nitty-gritty and finishing up the SFD.  The static word counter over there is starting to bug me.  *g*
I've signed up for the "Seventy Days of Sweat: Round 2" to begin a week from today and run through January (allowing down time for the holidays) and my stated goal is to be done with the first draft and into rewrites by the end of the challenge.


Precie said...

Whoa. You've been busy. And am I just confused or is there a post missing? Eh. Sounds like you've got a well-defined plan! Go, Jenny, go!

Jenny said...

You're not confused; I took that post down. *g*

Thanks for the encouragement!

Precie said...

LOL! Ok, so I'm not crazy...or at least that's not an indication of my insanity. ;)

You inspired me to sign up for Round 2 of 70 Days! Not so much to complete anything...just to get on a regular schedule!

Jenny said...

Precie -

YAY! Good for you. Nice to have more company. *g*