Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweating with Sven...Again

Seventy Days of Sweat, Round 2
Today is the kickoff and I'm back to story wordage, even though I'm not done with my bios and timelines.  I'll keep working on those on the side.  I need between 750-1000 words a day to stay on top.  Since tonight is TV night with DH, I planned to get those words at work.
Ha.  After a three-day weekend?  No dice.  Too much to catch up on, AND Little Boy gets his flu shot this afternoon, AND one of the Four Mewses has an appointment for yearly vaccinations and we're taking one of the dogs along for his cortisone shot.  Many needle sticks in store today.  And THEN I need to get the grass seed down on all the huge dead patches of our yard before the scarce and blessed rain tomorrow. 
Total words managed this morning: about 170.  Hey, at least it's something.
Kicking off with a deficit is a less-than-auspicious beginning, but I'm confident I can make it up.
Watch for a challenge wordcounter, so I can see how many new words I write even as I begin to cut and revise.
A shout out to my fellow Forumites and Sweat participants, Precie and Deniz (you did sign up for round 2, right?), and then it's back into the fray for me.
Oh, and a friend from my BabyCenter birthclub has worked up some awesome cover drafts for me, to use in case I do enter the Amazon contest.  I'll try to get those up soon.


Sandy Blair said...

Hi Jenny,
Nice blog site!! And I love that you're making time for you, to write--taking time to chase down a dream--despite everything else going on in your life.

Have a great day,
A Highlander For Christmas--Zebra

Jenny said...

Sandy -

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I've not been so great about the writing time this past month, but everything I've been putting off kind of piled up. Everyone needs a vacation, right? :-)

I'm back to it now. I'll finish if only for sheer stubbornness. ;-)


Precie said...

Yikes...I hope all the needle sticks went smoothly. I need to schedule my preschooler's flu shot, but he's currently sniffly so now isn't the best time.

I'm sure you'll catch up on the word count! I started with a deficit too. Not enough hours in the day. But thanks very much for the shout-out! :)

Oh...and you're a Babycenter mom too? I used to be on the BBC bulletin boards all the time. Sigh.

Precie said...
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Deniz Bevan said...

Shhh, don't remind Sam (or even Frodo)... not vet time again... not the car ride, or the carrier cage, or the dogs at the clinic... oops, upset tummy coming on :-)
Seriously, though, yep, I'm doing round two. All jazzed up again - d'you think I'll still feel this way near the end?

Jenny said...

Precie -

Shots went well. Now I have to get _my_ flu shot, but I can handle needle sticks (I have multiple tattoos, after all!).

And yeah, I practically lived on the BabyCenter TTC boards before I got pregnant. I'm mostly involved with my Birth Club now, and occasionally the car seat saftey board.

Deniz - Shadow did pretty well at the vet. 'Course, he's only two so he's young enough to not have gone through it so many times. The other three shed CLOUDS of fur and curl up into pathetic, petrified little cat-balls. *sigh*

Hopefully we'll feel this jazzed at the end! Because that means we're done with our books, right? *g*

Precie said...

*Sigh* Thus far, I haven't really worked up much of a Sweat. Preschooler has been sick for a week now, and just yesterday AFTER seeing the ped and getting antibiotics, he spiked a 104.9 fever. I won't even get into the little trip to the ER overnight because he had an asthma attack.

Looks like I'll be taking quite a few of my 70 Days exemptions early.

Hope you and Deniz are having more productive days!