Friday, October 19, 2007

Project Night Night

Sweating with Sven is off to a slow start.  Guess I'm taking some of my "free" days of the challenge right out of the gate.  *sheepish grin*

Besides work kicking me in the @$$ like never before (and I thought it was bad enough previously!) I've been hard at work on a very worthy cause: I'm organizing a donation drive within my local playgroup - we're fairly large, almost 90 families - for Project Night Night.

PNN is a national program based in California that collects stuffed animals, books, and blankets and bundles them into tote bags to be donated to homeless shelters and given to kids that come through there.  They end up with warmth and comfort (in the form of blankies and lovies) and a book that encourages reading.

I'm very excited because lots of people in our group have "extra" stuffed animals and books, and more are pitching in to buy the blankies.  I think we'll have enough to split between the Salvation Army shelter for women and families and the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program shelter.  Then PNN will step in and continue to send them packages to meet their further needs, though we are welcome to continue to contribute.

But yeah, between that, work, and an indefinable exhaustion and general funk this week, it's been hard going.  Things are looking up, though.


Precie said...

Thanks so much for that link to Project Night Night! I know I've got tons of (like new) children's books and stuffed animals, and it would be great to put them to good use.

Jenny said...

Precie -

Happy to spread the word! It's a great program. I stumbled across it in a BabyCenter (go figure!) thread on what to do with extra toys, since DS has waaaay too many (overindulgent grandparents) and I'd like to put them to good use.

We're doing the "Adopt a Night Night Package" program, and taking the donations to shelters in our city. If you get enough people/stuff together you could do that, too, or PNN accepts donations that go into the national distribution.

Project Night Night said...

Thank you both so much for helping Project Night Night! We really appreciate it.

Kendra Robins
Executive Director
Project Night Night