Thursday, October 05, 2006

Feeling productive

For the first time in weeks, I feel like I've had a productive day. I didn't write a single new word, but it was productive nonetheless.

The pace at my day job was relatively less breakneck than it has been, and I was able to stay on top of my "plans to check" pile and manage to get a few other things done in the interim - like critting several first chapters on the Forum (not that mine's done and/or ready to post yet), catching up on my blog reading, and actually eating lunch. I then (gasp!) left before 5 and got home before 5:30, which meant I got to see my son for more than a few minutes before putting him to sleep at 8.

Then I finally got back to my promised Narc crits and got 4 whole chapters done. Now it's midnight and I need to go to bed, but at least I don't have to feel guilty about being way behind anymore.

In other news, I am very glad that Undiscovered Scotland - a really great travel/info site - is back up. It's been down all weekend and I was starting to get worried.

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Jon said...

I mentioned to some of my customers (who were buying Romance Novels) that you were writing an historical Scottish novel. I shoot the shit with my customers; I don't know why, but I do--always come up with some common ground to talk about while I'm ringing them up.

They said that it's great that you're writing a novel, and good luck. Also, they encourage you to hang in there; you'll be glad when you've finished it, they say.