Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It is done.

The decision is final. I've cancelled my conference registration and airline tickets. Maybe next year.


Jon said...

So I happened to spend 2/3 of the money I made at work today on the 2007 Guidebook for Writers of Novels and Short Stories. I figure since I have so much school reading to make up, and since I've had your van for quite some time, it is only fair that you get to borrow this little gem for as long as you should wish.

Though it most likely won't be something either of us needs for at least a couple of months. :o)

It's good to look ahead, as long as we keep track of where we are at present, too.

Cindy said...

Hi Jenny:
I'm sorry to hear you won't make it either, maybe next year. By then you may have a finished mss to take!

FWIW, I couldn't leave Baby at this point, either.

I didn't see the exchange in the Forum that made you so uncomfortable, but I have noticed that some people are more blunt than I'm accustomed to. (S)