Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now we're cookin'...

Despite less than 4 hours' sleep last night--after staying up late to write and then being awoken every 2 hours by a fussy (possibly teething) baby--I managed to keep myself on track this evening. By dinner time I was ready to keel over from exhaustion and fall asleep on the couch, but I resorted to my new secret weapon: Diet Sunkist.

Even that minimal amount of caffeine is enough to perk me up, since I've pretty much stopped consuming it in any form since I got pregnant. My tolerance is waaay low now, and so only one can was enough to have me alert and coherent again by the time I'd gotten the baby to sleep. At quarter after 8 I sat down to work on a scene I've had roughed out in my head for some time now but never worked on. I wrote straight through, and final word count: almost 1700. Sweet.

The total now stands at very nearly 20K. If I can average 1100 words a night through Tuesday, I just might pull this off. Woo.

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