Monday, October 30, 2006


Diet Sunkist is back in the house! I actually had more of it than usual; we had dinner with some friends from church and I drank a glass there, and then I had another can of it when I sat down to write here at home. Does it make a difference? You be the judge.

Just to remind you, yesterday I had no Diet Sunkist and struggled to get about 800 words. Tonight:

I added another 1000 words to one of the scenes I started yesterday, and it's now complete. That was relatively early, and I would have stopped there. I started to, but then another scene that I had a rough idea for started to congeal in my mind. I need wordage, I thought, and I'll either have to get it tonight or tomorrow or Tuesday. If I get it tonight, I can get to sleep earlier on one or both of those days. So I decided to go ahead and work on it. Two hours and 1350 (!) words later, it's complete.

Now I really must go to bed, but it seems pretty certain that--barring any bizarre and unforeseen circumstances that prevent me from writing for the next 2 days--I will meet my October goal, after all. Woo.

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Anonymous said...

Diet Sunkist, eh? ::making note::

Thanks for the tip. ;)