Monday, February 19, 2007

Alas, no progress.

Sundays are busy, with church and whatnot. Tonight we also met with friends for dinner, and then DH and I watched "Rome" (for which specifically we subscribed to HBO for the next 3 months) and then it was late and I didn't get any work done on the ubersynopsis.

Tomorrow! (Famous last words.) And then I will send it off to my writing partner Kimb' and possibly others who ask for it.

And I will pick up the almost 20 books that have arrived per my "hold requests" at the local public library. Most of them about castles.

And based on what I learn, I will draw floorplans of Kilchurn and Tigh Mor, and possibly perspective sketches, too.

And then I will research clothing and food. And other day-to-day stuff.

And I will brainstorm and diagram relationships for Elspeth and Alec, and I will decide on my cast of supporting/secondary characters. I may write out character sketches for the MCs and Campbell and anyone else that warrants that much attention.

Oh, and at some point I will write. *g*

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