Monday, February 19, 2007

Ugh, my ear hurts.

No work tonight, I'm afraid. Oh, I'm wide awake and I could probably make some decent headway for an hour or so...except I've got an earache. Had it for 2 days. It's getting worse; I think I have a full-on ear infection now. Great. I hardly slept last night (and I'm worried about tonight). It's very distracting, so it'd be difficult to concentrate on writing. I took some Tylenol PM and hopefully that will help me sleep tonight. But no writing. *sigh*

Also, we just watched Heroes and now I'm in that mindset instead of 17th century Scotland, hehe.

Oh, speaking of! Jo posted a link to "rules for writing historical fiction" on the Compuserve forum, and one of the spin-off links was for Scottish Romances. Hee.

Some don't really apply to me, some hit close to home, and some are dead-on. I like #1, but my favorites are #11 and #12:

11) The Campbells are the only Scottish clan that is bad.

12) There can be a clan feud, but it has to be ended in order to fight the English.
Except if it involves the Campbells because those are bad (see 11)*

The best part, though is the comment train. Someone said (in reference to rule #11):
Thus proving there are a damn more MacGregors published than people realize, and that after eight hundred years of feud, the MacGregors may have lost land and fortune but we got ours back in the end.*

Alec would approve. *grin*

But now, to bed, and I pray God to sleep.

*(from the source sited)

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