Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Funk Returns


I'm back in a writing slump, and it's really starting to annoy me. At the beginning of the past week, the fact that work and family obligations had kept me from writing was really getting to me, and I was chomping at the bit to get on my computer. Only more obligations got in the way.

But by the time I had time to write, later in the week, all my motivation was gone. And it's not even the kind of problem where if I just sit down and read over stuff I'll get into the groove and start working. It's the "I've been on my computer staring at various parts of my story (and/or writing-related websites/forums/blogs/articles/books) for over an hour and nothing is happening." The I-can't-write-even-if-I-have-the-time-and-try kind of slump. Very frustrating.

I think part of it is that Baby Boy has apparently decided to wean himself, and I wasn't ready for it, and it's doing all kinds of things to me emotionally and hormonally. I mean, he's almost a year old, and I was going to wean about that time. But I was planning on it being a slow process, at my discretion. He, however, trumped my plans with a nursing strike that started about 2 weeks ago. We were doing great, still nursing morning and evening, and then one night - WHAM! Screaming and crying every time I tried to get him "in position." I did manage to get him to where he'd nurse some in the evenings again, and we've been limping along the past week or so. But it's 2 nights in a row now that he's refused to nurse before bed. I'm looking forward to the freedom, but it's still kinda tough at the moment. Especially since I wanted to know ahead of time when the "last time" I nursed him was going to be. If it was two nights ago, then I wish I'd known to pay attention and remember it better.

I've been in all kinds of bad moods every night for the past several nights. And the fact that I can't make myself write just puts me in a worse one. It's a vicious cycle.

So I guess I'll wrap up my pity party and just go to bed. Maybe some rest and de-stressing will help. I might just choose to take a few days off and see how I feel then. Goodnight!

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