Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's late, so no witty pun for the title this time...


Well, I didn't manage to finish the ubersynopsis, despite my best intentions. I did, however, manage another 1300 words of it, bringing the total up to 4400. We're into the fourth act now, and Alec has come out of his pit of despair and decided to find Elspeth in her own time. All that remains is to sum up the intercutting (and mostly written) scenes of Alec and Elspeth in modern day as they come closer and closer together, overcome setbacks, finally reunite, and decide where (read:when) to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bless their hearts. They spend nine months falling in love, finally handfast and get to spend one night together, and then they're separated and think each other dead for the better part of a year. Ah, well. They'll have plenty of time to make up for it. *wink*

At any rate, I will finish this tomorrow (Sunday) night. I'd keep plugging tonight, but things are starting to feel wooden and my creativity is running dry. Though most of what remains is summarizing already-written scenes, there are still a few blanks to fill (the, um, ending mainly) and I want to be fresh. So far I've rounded out a lot of the story by writing this, so it helps if I can make decisions and come to conclusions while I'm doing it.

I'm also still a little behind on sleep after the whole croup episode, and I have to get up for church in the morning. To bed with me.

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