Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday's update

Yeah, no writing progress still.  DH and I were up waaaay too late last night (3 am! Even when I'm writing I'm usually in bed by 2...) trying to get Christmas presents wrapped - what had been planned for Monday before I fell ill.  I'm running - if you can call it that - on about 4 hours sleep today.
It's been 3 days of no writing and that's the threshold to really cut myself off from doing anything until I make more headway.
But!  I'm jazzed up on caffeine and have a pretty open schedule at work, so I hope to make up some writing today, at least 1K.  If I do enough, I might just get to bed early tonight so I'll be fresh for the rest of the week's push.  I can only miss so much sleep before my production slumps, and I actually get more accomplished by taking a night to sleep and then hitting it full steam the next day.
And I got my gratis copy of Kinley MacGregor's (can't fault her last name! *w*) book The Warrior in the mail yesterday.  Carol's got it too, so that should make for some interesting discussion once we're both done.  And on the Avon Books Reading Group (from whence came the free book) on Facebook, too.
Oh, and I spent my Christmas bonus on a new purse.  I'd been wanting a Coach bag for a while, and found a new one for a good price on eBay (yes, I did my research and checked out the seller first - I'm confident this was a good buy and authentic).  I do believe this will be the first designer item I have ever owned.  At the very least, it's the first I've ever bought myself.  But I needed a good purse.

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