Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Clicking along in Chapter 5


Since I started writing linearly from my ubersynopsis/story notes, I've nailed down solid rough drafts of chapters 1-4, and last night I started in on Chapter 5. The subject matter in 5 is tricky, as I need Elspeth to explain to Alec that she's from the future and somehow convince him she's telling the truth. I'd been going round and round in my head on how to do that for weeks, with DH and Kimb's helpful suggestions added to the mix, and finally everything "gelled" for me tonight. (Heh. "I'm gellin' like a felon...")

I got over 2/3 of chapter 5 written, for a total of just over 2K tonight (I needed at least 1400), and a good block of notes for me to pick up tomorrow where I left off. Father Kenneth had a rather unexpected reaction, but it really set up everything I needed to happen quite nicely. He'll make it up to Elspeth by helping her out later.

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